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Launch an iconic Canadian brand

Defining the new Canada Life.

Great-West LifeCo has housed a portfolio of insurance companies - Great-West Life, London Life and Canada Life - each with venerable histories but without enough distinction to justify maintaining multiple brands. The strategic decision was made to unify these brands under one, iconic idea: Canada Life, and to move to a single, powerful entity taking its rightful place as a leader in Canadian financial services. With two of the best words in the English language - Canada and Life - in the name, I knew the challenge was to take advantage of the inherent, positive associations with both of these words to build a brand about the real potential that defines the Canadian experience. The Canada Life brand will break the bad habit in the category of focusing on fears and dreamscapes and work with B2C and B2B markets on better planning, better choices and better outcomes - every day. Since the brand launch in 2019 Canada Life has become the fastest growing financial service brand in Canada according to Brand Finance. Partners: Ove Brand Design and Publicis.

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