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Build a business school brand to win globally

The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto

By most measures, the Rotman School of Management is the top business school in Canada and has a growing reputation internationally as a leading research school . But you can never stand still in the business education space; it's being disrupted by new, specialized degrees, online options and fast-tracked alternatives. Under the leadership of Dean Tiff Macklem, we set out to define a brand for the future of Rotman that would help the School compete for the best students and help create a global market for its graduates and for the insights emerging from its research establishment. Over almost two years we managed a process that went deep inside the School to engage, and outside the school to scan for needs, trends and perceptions. The idea embodied in the tagline: Here's Where it Changes captures the energy of Rotman as a place where change is catalyzed - people evolve, ideas emerge, organizations change, careers shift... The pillars of the brand are now being used as a filter for decision making across the organization from academic planning to alumni relations, career services, fundraising, student recruiting and development. Partner: Doug Dolan

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