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Why aren't there any B2B ad agencies?

If I have to sit through one more pitch to a B2B client with an ad agency that keeps talking about consumer reach and gen pop, I'm think I'm going to explode. For too long, the mainstream agencies have turned their backs on B2B on the assumption that they're not big advertisers. While this may be true, there is still a lot of great work to be done in B2B and it's time the agencies woke up to that. In the meantime, PR firms have been capitalizing on the content marketing craze (please, not another white paper) and while that's great, these firms tend more towards issues management than brand building.

So, I'll say it. I'm looking for agencies who have no CPG baggage, no consumer marketing orthodoxy and no problem working for obscure and technical companies that quietly create gobs of economic and social value. Sure, I'm always talking about blurring the lines between B2B and B2C, but not because you're trying to turn everything into Pampers.

Any takers?

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