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The enduring wisdom of The Lean Startup

It’s been a while since Eric Reis published The Lean Startup and you’d think that like most business books, by now it would be lost in the depths of airport bookstore remainder tables. Not this one. Its insight and wisdom have made it a new classic. For any enterprise, of any size, doing anything new, Eric’s advice to build out ideas on the strength of customer insight is timeless. The nub of the idea – that startups are not businesses, they are learning machines – I have found to be a totally liberating thought. Whether you are starting a company, developing a product or entering a new trading region, your initial goal should not be to get to profitable as fast as possible, but to learn as much as possible to make yourself sustainably relevant. The book has spawned a whole industry of events, services and spin-offs you can explore. If you’re starting anything, you will start it smarter having read this book.

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