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Upstarts Venture Coaching

John Hanna and I have recently launched Upstarts Venture Coaching to serve the needs of entrepreneurs working through the many stages of growth. The way we see it there is no shortage of advice to start-up founders and entrepreneurs coming from their VCs, accountants, incubators, lawyers and bankers (and brothers-in-law, neighbours and spouses). But many also need the counsel of someone who takes a more dispassionate, holistic and human perspective. More like a smart friend, or a cool uncle. Someone you’d really open up to about you biggest dreams and your deepest fears. John and I started doing this work together in the last few years and we’ve had some great feedback on the combination of his corporate development skill and my experience in competitive positioning. Plus people like to hang out at our big table over cups of great coffee and the occasional Chabichou lunch to get outside the day-to-day of running their business. Soon we’ll be launching our site at www.Upstarts.Network with some new thinking on a 360 view of the venture challenge. Drop me a line if you want to know more, or if you know an entrepreneur who needs a bit of a nudge to get him or her to the next stage.

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