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IESO Brand Strategy

Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is at the centre of a power sector that is undergoing fundamental change - from how electricity is generated to how it's distributed, stored and used. New rules are fundamentally changing the r...

CIFAR positioning

The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) plays in the big leagues of global research and relies on a range of donors and partners to fund what they do. Their story has to convey their proprietary approach to bringing the best together to...

Canadian Museum of Nature


By more explicitly uniting its mandates of science, learning and outreach, the CMN has elevated its impact from a terrific local asset to a vital national resource. It reaches a broad mix of Canadians eager to understand our natural world and...

Quark Expeditions Brand Extension


Extending a winning brand without breaking it is one of the top growth challenges of successful companies. The world's leading polar expedition company is doing just that on the strength of its core values and their powerful bond with...

Centennial College Strategy Facilitation


New thinking on how strategy gets done asserts that the front line of the organization has to be involved in strategy formulation. Top-down planning that only asks executives to shape the future inevitably falters. Centennial's...

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