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Dynamic Positioning

Great brands are dynamic because they are in-tune with their markets, not trying to protect a killer capability. I work with my clients to connect what they do to what their markets value, then help ensure the organization will be the brand in everything they do. 

Finding the Sweetspot

Your positioning sweetspot is the where you offer an authentic promise of value to an audience that cares.

Relevance: No matter what the context, I  begin with a fact-based understanding of what your stakeholders need and value - through the right mix of internal and external research, consultation and dialogue.

Mastery: I look to your internal capabilities – what can you do, create or offer that no one else can. What's the vision you're striving for or the founding purpose that defines you? 

Difference: I figure out where you fit in your audience’s ecosystem of options, taking your competitors' and peers' current brand and future intent into account. 

Being the Brand 

Value propositions are made real in what you do, not just what you say, or how you look. No brand strategy is complete without creating a line-of-sight for everyone in the organization to how they contribute to success. The brand strategy then becomes a dynamic guide for decisions and choices on M&A, product development, talent strategy, marketing, sales and operations. 


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