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Can you answer the question: why you?

Do you know what really matters to the customers, clients, employees, investors, communities and governments that matter to you? Can you state in simple terms what value you help them create and how you help them achieve their goals? 

The brands that can answer this question better than anyone, not just once but time after time, will sustain their advantage. They win by staying relentlessly relevant, meaningful and agile.

I help organizations achieve this advantage
by defining and articulating who they are, who they matter to and why,
in categories where value is derived from relationships not just transactions.


Start anywhere

No matter where you start, the destination is the same: a compelling story, positioning and value proposition for the customers, clients, employees and stakeholders who matter most.


Positioning Pulse Check


Let's workshop your
brand and value proposition in 
light of new market realities.
Intuitive, productive and fun.

Brand Intensive


When you know the world has shifted
and it's time to calibrate using new insight,
a fresh fact base and 
deeper engagement.

Brand Coaching


For some, the best approach is 
to manage brand and reputation
one small win at a time.
I'm there to keep you on-strategy
and results-focused.

The kinds of things we can do together

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